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We focus on solutions & services including design & implementation of Hardware, Systems Integration, Business

Intelligence Solutions, Content Management Systems, Custom Enterprise Applications, Technology Planning and

Deployment, CRM Implementations, and Contract Consulting and Staffing. We have core competencies in Custom

Development Solutions, Data Management, Business Intelligence, Business Process Integration Solutions & CRM


Saas Accounting

SAAS Financial Accounting fulfills all your basics accounting needs with a minimum requirement.Offers you

multi-company, multi-location group accounting. learn more

Saas Inventory

SAAS Inventory control is a continuous process of tracking and managing your inventory. To properly manage your inventory you need complete knowledge of the products in the inventory, their quantities and the lead times required for each product. Learn more

Saas Payroll

We at ELife follow a methodical approach for pricing based on our business engagement models for Clouding and Cloud Implementation Projects. In our projects fixed price and T&M models are the most commonly used. Learn more

Saas Point Of Sale (POS)

Delivering a superior customer experience at the point of sale is crucial for turning today’s shopper into

tomorrow’s loyal customer.  With power and flexibility built in at every step of our SaaS POS software and

management systems, Elifeindia POS empowers retailers and their associates with the tools and information they need to

help increase efficiencies and provide customers the exceptional service they deserve. Learn more

SaaS Features

  • Zero investment on CAPEX
  • ZERO investment on additional IT
  • Get the solution for prices as low as Rs 1500/- per user per month
  • Get your ERP up and running in weeks
  • Enjoy its ease of use
  • Access from anywhere, anytime
  • Scale as you grow
  • Experience its robust security
  • No investment on maintenance


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